Region 1 Footy Championship Results

The Region 1 Footy Championship was a good time. Great competition, great
weather, and…oh ya…GREAT food!

Winds were perfect for A rigs in the morning, and freshened up enough in the
afternoon to make downwind jibes a challenge…don’t ask me how I know, but my
poor sailing skills in that situation cost me two bullets :frowning:

I was sailing my new Halfpint Too…some of you who go way back in Footys might
remember the original…this version is a prototype of a hull designed by me and made
by Craig Huzway, who also makes my Round Ranger RG65 design. I’m not sure when
He’ll have Halfpint Too in production, but stay tuned. I think it was the
fastest boat on the water today…but I’m not the best skipper.

Herb Dreher and I took all the bullets for the day…but he got a lot more of
them…congrats, Herb, but I’m not sure where you are going to fit all those new
chevrons on that Razor3!

Here’s the results before 1 throwout that didn’t change the standings.

Champion: Herb Dreher 25 Razor3 29 points
2: Bill Hagerup 427 Halfpint Too 34 points
3: Ronnie Jones 54 Razor3 51 points
4: Ed Roher 48 Shark 53 points
5: Bob Harmon 000 Shark 59 points
6: Ron Casciato 830 Poolshark 72 points

Jim Linville, Cliff Martin, and Alain Jousse also participated, but dropped out
with technical problems.

I’ll post some pics tomorrow.


Bill - Congratulations on your 2nd place finish. Surely the world wants to know, what is Halfpint Too?

Sorry you couldn’t make it, Walt…

Halfpint Too is a round-bottom refinement of Ranger, going back to the original Halfpint, but incorporating things I think I’ve learned over the last 5 or 6 years. It’s a narrow-beamed, flare-bowed, 350 gram sweetheart. I knew she was a good boat the first time I put her in the water a couple of weeks ago. Once in a while it all comes together right…maybe just pure luck…but I think this is one of those times.

I’m having trouble posting pics…maybe they are too big…I’ll try again tomorrow.


Great Job Bill.
Now I know the name of this thing. Her plug is all painted and ready for the Phone to start ringing.
I don’t have any pic’s here but can put some up of the bare hull up Monday.

Till then Tell the world Like the Round Ranger It is vacuum formed HIPS (high impact polystyrene) I believe we decided the .030" thickness was the best.
Hull and decks will be available. Measurement will have to come from Bill.

I resized some pics. Included are shots from yesterday’s racing and a few build pics of Halfpint Too.

Craig used a CNC machine to cut a plug for Halfpint Too using my Freeship file. He then pulled 030 high-impact styrene over the plug to make the hull. The deck is 020 styrene. I owe him drawings for the fin, rudder, interior bulkheads, and key measurements so he can distribute them with the hull. Might have to wait a week or so…I’ve got to get my new RG65 set up for the nats this weekend in VA.


Looking good!
Sorry I couldn’t make it this year. I think this is the first of your races I have ever missed! I guess I have to start building my own HalfPint Two just to keep up with you.

One slight correction though - You have to stop putting down your sailing skills. You have the one thing that is impossible to teach - the ability to concentrate the hardest when things get the toughest!
Best of luck in Reston!