Is there any plans for a footy regatta/national championship anywhere in 2007? There is little point of all this hull/rig development if we can’t put them to the test.

It would be marginally helpful if we knew what nation you were thinking of!


Internet racing will put you to the test for the time being.
6:18 to beat.
The class is growing so quickly so I am sure events will be held at some point.

I’m planning to organize a USA National for the 2007 season. Currently, about 25 Footy owners have registered with the AMYA, so by 2007 we should have enough momentum to hold a regatta. I’ll need lots of help, though, so volunteers will be appreciated. Because Footy owners are widely distributed across the US, I’m currently thinking a midwest location would make sense. Once we get more registrations, my thinking could change if we see a concentration of Footys in a particular area.

If any of you USA Footy builders have not yet registered, please send me your form with a check for $7.00. I’m sorry about the delays getting back to you…getting some needed things from the National Secretary has been a bit of a problem. I’m sure that will be straightened out soon, and your cards and hull stickers will be on their way.

Bill Hagerup (AMYA Footy Class Sec)

To those waiting for AMYA registrations,

I just got the hull sticker template from Michelle this morning! When I return home at the end of the week I will get the registrations out. You should have yours, given mail time, by the end of next week.

Bill H

Sheboygan, Wisconsin would be Midwest… right Bill :slight_smile:

You’ll get me there yet, won’t ya Graham:)

I would like too…but very unlikely :frowning:
Maybe I could send a boat for a hired gun to sail??