Redd's Pond and NORMA

I build wooden boats hard by Redd’s Pond in Marblehead and am the present keeper of an Albert Strange yawl. I watch over the model sailing on the pond. I saw a recent post by a builder of a sailing model of the Strange Norma. I took offsets from the Norma lines this Winter in case someone wants to build the full size boat. I have another friend who has made a half model of Norma. Cheers. Love to see the sailing.

Small world,

I’m the builder of the NORMA sailing model depicted elsewhere on this forum, I look foward to bringing her up to Redd’s pond when she’s ready to get wet! I’ve sailed my Vintage M there over the years, I’ll definitely be there in early June with my NORMA.
My wife suggested the name MUMMYCHUG. It might stick

I’d love to see yours too,