Recovering sunken boat

Hi, all. This sucks for my first message. Yesterday I was sailing my fortune 612 on a local lagoon when a gust of wind pushed the bow under and she sunk about 2 minutes later. I jumped after her as quickly as I could, but I was too late. about 10 feet of murky water, maybe a foot of visibility down there (maybe) and she is gone.

Any advice for a newbie on recovery?


Oh man that bites the big one. Have you tried to use a mask and snorkle to retrieve the boat? Check locally see if there are divers that would help out.
only other option is to use a drag gappling hook to catch her, Just be careful as this may damage the boat and the sails


Yeah, I dove for it with snorkel and mask, but the water was too murky to see anything. Now I have to convince the park manager to let me get out there in a boat and drag for it, I suppose.

you might want to try this.
i dont know how far out your boat is. but we have a wonderfull little device know as a fishing rod. i know it sounds silly. but tie a sinker to the end of the line. then put you hook about 2 feet behind the weight. also put a ltille bit of faom . this is to make sure the hook float. and you dont grag it on the bottom. cast out to the are where you boat went under. and real in. with anyluck you could grab a hold of your mast or shouds, but after a few tries. you might be able to get a hold of something. you will also grab weeds. but you might get lucky and grab your boat
just an idea. it works for us. we use it if we lose radio control. or the batteries die.

my vic sunk the same way i just dove after it and reached around down on toward the bottom usually the mast will still stand up somewhat, but other times not, try cougars way or a scuba diver, murky water suks.

i love tinkering with these boats it takes up time i’m sure my girfreind is going to hate it soon