Recovered from xmas?

So, with the festive season now well and truly behind us I guess we’re all planning what to do next in the workshop when (for most of us) the temps start rising.

In previous threads/posts I’ve hinted at continued progress on my ‘Enterprise’ build, sadly to no avail. However, I’ve recieved an amazing xmas gift from my son (he’s 3 1/2 so I’m certain that it was actually purchased be the Chief Financial Controller (she who must be obeyed)) which can only mean that she is occasionally paying attention when I try to explain all things about rc yachting…

So, to show how spoilt I am, it’s a Spektrum DX7s with a couple of receivers and telemetry kit!!

If that’s not incentive enough to get on with it I’m sure I don’t know what is!

Anyone got any bright ideas about what telemetry might be fun? It automatically sends receiver voltage back to the Tx unit, so what about a GPS unit to give speed and heading ?!!

The possibilities really are endless - talk about using technology just because it’s there, do we really need it? Of course we (I) do, I’m a man!!




for Christmas SWMBO authorized the purchase of a grizzly g8689 milling machine

it will not be CNC…yet…

Hi Row, good on the CFO’s assistant, great gift ! now just need a GPS unit to connect and a mini anemometer to mount on the boat (connected of course) then you can do speed runs and polar graphs for different sail positions, then a P.C to calculate all the data and high speed internet connection to share and compare with sail buddies around the world ! in real time of course !!

Next is vac machine for hull moulding (need to keep improving design don’t we? to go faster) ha ha, yeah just joking but hey boys and their toys can never be parted; at eight or 80, boys will play.

Glad to hear you’re thinking about getting back into your Enterprise project …some one needs to finish one, otherwise I won’t know how to build mine when I get around to it !!!

Cheers Alan

Old age here … what does it mean ?

She Who Must Be Obeyed

Or if you are feeling VERY brave - “She who might be obeyed”

or: “Some women must be Ok”

I learned a long time ago…“Happy Wife, Happy Life” It has done me well over the years…and I intend to follow it…

Every now and again it is easier to “beg forgiveness, rather than ask permission” but on a purchase like a milling machine… better safe than sorry…

Thanks guys :rolleyes:

fed ex came today…:slight_smile:

A machine of beauty…

Now all you need to do is throw away the manual (because that’s what real men do!!) find a cheap supply of stainless steel or aluminium and start creating swarf!



i think my choice materials are goingto be aluminum, which I have, delrin, polycarbs, ect. a bit too early for stainless. unfortunately my tooling is in a separate shipment, and all I have at the house is some router bits, so i was playing with them in some wood. I think I got the vise all trammed in… and I got all the red sludge off the surfaces…

I did go to the physics machine shop and picked up some scraps… but until I get the rest of the tooling not much fun to be had. but this weekend, we will get busy…:slight_smile:

my first project will be a vang/gooseneck assembly similar to the micro magic… and I will begin the designs for a radial jib fitting…

I wqas able to get the taper shaft out of the machine, but I was unable to get the chuck off the taper…