Record Number of Boats?

Yesterday we did a “maximum effort” club race to check out our use of fleet scoring for the Rio Grande Cup. We had 11 RG65s entered. Is that a U.S. record?



That has to be the record. Here is the breakdown of registered boats by state. There are probably more unregistered boats than registered, based on the emails I get as well as the postings in various forums.

USA - RG65
Class Membership Summary

State Total
TX 11
CA 11
NM 10
MD 10
WI 5
NC 5
VA 5
NH 3
PA 3
CO 3
CT 2
KY 2
MA 2
MN 2
NY 2
OR 2
AZ 1
FL 1
GA 1
IA 1
IN 1