Rebuilding two classic M's

Hi All,

I am in the process of rebuilding two classis Marblehead 50/800’s. One is a classic plank on frame from the late forties or early fifties. The plank on frame had been breached in to small spots above the waterline. She appears to follow the “Mad Hatter” design on the USVMYG plan page. Except for the breaches (which I have subsequently repaired) I need to build her a mast and I am looking for a “how to” for building a wood mast. I have the rest of the rigging as well as thee sail winch and the rudder servo. I am planning on switching her to 2.4 ghz before I sail her.

The other is an Epic and she is in a little rougher shape. I have the hull, deck and fin keel but no ballast or rudder. Rod Carr sent me a set of old plans that I am using for guidance. If there is anyone out there who would like to add your guidance for my requirements to complete these projects please fill free to contact me at Thank you