Really small boat

Ok, this guy can make a smaller boat than we can but let’s see him make it radio controlled.:wink:

(Brett, maybe he can help with your microyachts.):stuck_out_tongue:

I had the good fortune to meet Willard one afternoon at a model railway exhibition in the north of England. He stopped by my booth and asked if I knew where the ‘Swann Morton’ craft knife stand was located. He casually slipped out a carved grain of rice… we were suitable amazed and he went on his way. Over the years since I have watched his work on Swann Morton’s web site so presumably he found them :slight_smile:

Good find John!


Hi Graham…I didn’t know you had an interest in model trains. Here’s an idea for you. I’m hosting the Footy Region 1 Championship on August 26. On 8/29 - 9/1 the National Narrow Guage Convention is being held 2 hours from here in Portland, ME. My wife probably wouldn’t charge a very high rate for an overnighter bringing his own sleeping bag!

Bill H

august 26th… hmm, where are you thinking you are gonna do this?

I almost missed this one Bill, thank you for the kind offer. The end of august should see me in England though for my daughter’s university graduation… so I will be otherwise engaged.

I used to be heavily into garden railways, building custom cars and importing American garden rail items into the UK which I sold around the many weekend exhibitions. The delights of a small country with lots of people… most winter weekends there would be a decent exhibition within driving distance, happy days :slight_smile:

I just bought a Bachmann 0-4-2 Porter on On30… I love narrow gauge and couldn’t resist. I will probably just look at it awhile but maybe one day I will get that little shelf layout built. I had a garden loop in 16mm back home… way too cold to do that here.

Can we have a railway thread in the pub?.. Bob will come visit too I suspect…