Really small!!!! any interest??

Any interest in really small r/c yachts? 6inches and smaller could be sailed on small indoor pools all winter long.
The airplane guys are now able to fly in there living rooms…we could sail in ours!The r/c equipment exists…I have proved the concept on two 6 inch models.
My last effort used radio gear from a small r/c car that cost $5.
Anyone interested in this sort of folly???

Interested… do you have any pictures you could attach? or upload? (cold winters)

Heres my first 6 inch model…a heavyweight at 120g,using pretty standard micro servos/cell phone battery,nothing to special
and also a 4 inch model that is proving a little differcult to work on(fit the gear in)
My current project is a half size version of my “BobAbout” footy weight will be 62 g when finnished…using the small r/c car system on this one and some home made “servos” that weigh less than 3 g each.
I have developed a type of rig that can be made really small and is efficent at these small sizes,no more details on that yet as I may need to protect the idea.

Yes , I’m interested. This type is for the future of R/C sailing and it should be the ultimate sport. R/C equipment is becoming ultra small and with it , should go very nicely in just about anything, as you say a 6 incher. You’ve got me.

I can sail in the Mayor’s fountain outside the council building , He’ll love it, like hell.

Eventually I would like to match race on a 3m x 1.5m pool with 3 inch yachts…this would be the realization of my boyhood dream some decades ago :).
It won’t be easy…but hey what is right??

The yacht on my VSk3 is only 1.8 inches long…:evil:

I saw a while ago some guys were working on something less than 12" long (they weren’t footys) that were very nice indeed.But sadly I haven’t being able to find them again. Remember seeing a picture of 2 or 3 of those sailing on a pool.

I would be interested in something more “life like” so to speak, in the 8- 12 inches range, I just don’t like the “footy” look of those boats… They look like a cartoon sailboats… Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Could be fun to race in pools…

I’m interested in really little ones too! (less than twelveinch)I Know what you mean about them looking like cartoon boats. I suppose they don’t have to be if they’re still twelve inch long but have limited sail area by some class rule. Seems like the length is in this case the only thing controling size. Sortof like you take a bigger boat and squish it end to end. It could be sail area instead of length. That way you’d have sexier looking boats with more boyancy in the ends. Like we need another whole class of boats but still its fun to daydream. I’m picturing a 10 rater scaled down to diminutive size. A model of a model. I’ve seen it done in model planes. A ten inch long Alden Schooner with radio control would be a nice novelty.

I should quit day dreaming and get building!


I finally have a good working 4 inch yacht.I havn’t r/ced it yet as it is more important at this size to get the boat to sail itself first.
I have finally found a few of the little secrets that will make this possible.
The performance of this little one has really impressed me and I am beginning to think it may have possibilities as a product
Unfortunatly my design is a more than a little cartoonish…but it would appear this is how it has to be in such small sizes.
I like the idea of a scaled 10r or similar though…
I can see myself digging a pond in my backyard soon.:slight_smile:
Does anyone know how you get info on the various toy fairs that are held annually?

you can contact metro marine modelers. they put on a show in nov. I know they have an indoor pond with a wind machine. why dont you contact them. dont know what they would say? but they might have some footies there this year. there is a club in hamilton ontario. they are making a fleet of them. I am not a member just friends with some of the nuts there. 2 guys are building 6 inchers. hope this helps

What kind of wind works for a 4-inch (10cm) boat? A ‘fan’ sounds like it would have too much pressure, or the wind would be focused in one channel. Does it have a rudder to turn? Adjustable sail(s)?

I would need a whole new set of tools to work on it.


Ive been sailing it at our harbour marina.It will sail in up to about 7knots wind pressure so far.
Everything is adjustable just like a normal boat.
Now to get some small bits to r/c the little bugger…I have 10grams to play with for the radio.

When people ask about the range onmy ODOM, I say “as far as I can see it.” How far can you go on the Peanut (Great name for it)?

10 grams? How about 4 ants and 3mL of ale? :smgreen:

Brett, my son runs a small backyard operation from his home in Japan called Panic Toys ( mainly for the R/C cars, I am sure that he knows about the toy fair trade shows around the world.
I will ask him.:batman:

Cool,maybe he kind find me some r/c stuff…I have hacked a few of those little cars etc,tried making my own actuaters and so forth.
What I really need is a little system ex China that can be fitted to the boat.

For Christmas 2004 there were these neat little r/c cars (and boats!) that were powered by charging for a few minutes off a portable power pack. They would run for a few minutes on a charge, and had throttle & steering control. They’re called “micro racers.”

Brett, Here is some info that might be close to you:

thats them Tom,
Hacked half a dozen of them:)

What was wrong that you couldn’t use the internals? How did they store the power?

thx mae.

You can…just have to learn to make the output actuaters yourself…sounds simple and it can be done,but there is a learning curve at this size.
The cars run on a 1/3size AA nicad battery

Ok, thanks mate. I haven’t done any micro stuff in years.