Readyset replacement Sails - Part # SW9B

I was delighted to find last week that the Kyosho America web site showed Readyset sails Part # SW9B as in stock so I ordered a set to check them out. I was surprised to receive the package as a small box and found inside a multi-folded package. This unfolded to a flat package (13" x 26") with the sails folded inside. The battens were pre-installed. Unfortunately when laid out flat on a table the sails were severely creased at the folds and a particularly nasty fold near the main sail tack.
Apparently in order to ship sails with battens Kyosho designed a new package, probably also to decrease shipping costs. This produces less folded or curled corners but at the expense of severe folds and creases in the main body of the sails.
I have reported these findings to my contact at Kyosho America who has relayed them to HQ in Japan. I will report any responses I receive.
Meanwhile unless you are prepared to attempt some serious steam pressing of your sails (I have not yet tried it on them although I used to improve the creasing in the old sails with this method.) I cannot recommend them.

Sail creases are always a disappointment–especially on a new sail. I have found that logo’s & numbers tend to let go at the crease, even tho I had attempted to smooth it out before installing. Do we know what shipping technique Tippecanoe uses?

Will Lesh at Tippecanoe had sent me a set of his polyester sails for evaluation also. He shipped them rolled on a 2" core and packed in a box together with informational leaflets, batten strips and forestay cord and his plastic tube “bolt rope” for the main sail luff pocket which works really well. I showed Will some photos of the sails as unpacked. They were much better than the Kyosho sails but did show some curling at the corners and some minor wrinkling along each luff. Will was not happy with how the sails arrived and is making some adjustments to how he make the sail corners and is going to experiment with shipping sails more loosely rolled inside a 3" diameter tube. He is keen to ensure his sails arrive in the best possible condition.

Meanwhile, I did receive a response from Kyosho America relaying responses from Japan. Kyosho Japan is probably going to revert to shipping their replacement sails the same way they did before without pre-installing the battens. I also relayed some concerns about ensuring a full length bolt rope, the one in the sails I received was too short. This has also been relayed to Japan. We will see how the next shipment looks! I don’t know what Kyosho America plan to do about the current shipment they have in stock.
Will post any more information as and when available.

Mike will you post the results of your attempt to smooth out the Kyosho sail set? I’d be interested to know the results


I was debating with myself whether to attempt it or simply return the sails as I don’t need them right now. Maybe I should try it and show the results here for the benefit of others.
watch this space!

Well, I spent about half an hour steam pressing the Kyosho replacement sails. I used a damp cloth, part of an old bed sheet, laid over the sail and ironed carefully using the lowest setting and no spray. As shown in the attached photos I was able to reduce the recent broad folds arising from local packaging and shipment but the more severe creases arising from packing and shipping from Asia were still quite evident.
Incidentally, I also tried the same technique on the curled corners of Tippecanoe sails that Will Lesh was unhappy about and found they were easily corrected.