Re Newed RC Sailer

Back to sailing after a long stint away with RC Cars, Planes. My first build was in 1987 with the time tested Victor Soling 1M. Now own a Aquacraft Vela 1M and RG65 (sail #USA-061). Looking to add a IOM or IACC 120 to my fleet.

Interested in attending competitive regattas in the near future.

JD Crow
Little Rock, Arkansas USA

Hi JD,

There are several RG sailors in Dallas, and a large IOM fleet. They just hosted their “Blowout” regatta with 24 IOMs and 20 kts of breeze in White Rock Lake. There are also IOM regattas in Austin and San Antonio, and we will probably begin hosting an annual regatta in the New Orleans area later this year.

Welcome back JD, now you’re learnt how to smash’em and crash’em you finally learnt it’s more fun to sail’em as you can’t sink’em

Cheers Alan