RE: Finishing Images for 1983 Stars and Stripes IACC

Hi Guys,

I’ve been trawling the internet trying to find images or colour scheme details for an IACC yacht. Information on the 12 meter 1980’s vintage Americas Cup yachts to be precise; pecifically either Stars and Stripes US-55 or Liberty US-60 (?).

I have produced a hull from line drawings taken from US-55 and wanted to finish her sails and hull with the correct graphics/colour scheme.

Can anyone point me to somewhere where this kind of information is available and in sufficient quantity to allow one to replicate the finish.

I guess it’s a general question for any scale R/C yachters who wish to build replica’s of famous racing boats - where does one go for archive material?

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there are alot of books out there. try to get your hands on the americas cup series of books.
i got americas cup 83. alot of great pictures from that series. ( sorry i am a huge australia II fan) the book i got was "the americas cup, the official record
australia II. isbn# 0 9591313 0 2
then you can get the book " the americas cup 1987. isbn0-8050-0580-3
both books are full of photos that are fanastic. you can get alot of information there
keep us informed on your progress
good luck . hope this helps

There is also a book out there called “Stars and Stripes”… (very creative eh?) that details in pictures, graphs, statistics, facts, and lies, the story of all the Dirty Dennis dealings with the “100 guinea” cup. lol. that might help, as it has close ups of all the boats…

, better take 420sailor’s advice and get the book* since, as you suggest, there’s little online on the physical details of Stars & Stripes. Near as I can find, and maybe you already know, that its here with another one of the brood here. Maybe somebody at either place could be exceptionally nice and send you digital pictures, or better yet, plan your next vacation(s)!

Dennis Conner’s America’s Cup Experience
North Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

  • 420sailor, is this the book? It seems too new, ie: US-55 in '87, this book '92.

Liberty - US40


Hi Guys, I’ve gone ahead and ordered the book. It’s quite amazing that there is nowhere to reference this sort of material. Not even the official America’s Cup website has any good reference information. If you were looking for race car graphics, etc you’d have no problem. Seems to be a bit of mystery about the whole thing probably to do with sponsorship rights. :confused:

thats the one Yar! and about age, i haven’t looked at it in years, but as i remember, it has all the boats, from liberty to the last stars and stripes even that catmaran…