RCSails Triton II with Wing

I just got a very short clip from Vernon, he built a wing for his RCSails Triton II and has sailed the boat successfully. Vernon is located in Annapolis, USA.


You can find some pictures of the wing powered Triton II at myPicture Gallery.

Have fun watching the clip


Sweeeeeeeeet! Any additional information about the wing? Dimensions? How controls are rigged? What type of construction?


Curiosity !also the multihull models sailing that way ?? GINO


some nice OH $hit moment thasnk for the Vid Gino.

I’d love to see how Vernon rigged it not for my tri, but for an RG65…

any contact information for the skipper? I’m moving to annapolis area very soon, and would like to hook up with some area sailors.

KZ, do you sail any other classes? The Columbia MD club sails EC 12, Victoria, and used to sail ODOM’s and the Northern VA club sails Solings, Vics and Rg65’s…

I know the Club in Annapolis sails ec12’s and cr914’s

rg 65’s, as soon to be finished star 45, and rg 65m’s.

come visit when you get in the area…

we sail the RG’s after the vics…

that’s what we are doing

not finished yet, but looks very good
the log construction on www.ac100.eu

Sweeeettt Panchita - pretty cool well done :slight_smile:

here the twist…

Very good in house Eupon, let’s have a try !!
cheers, GINO

Dear every one,
It is a pleasure for me to inform the comunity that just few minutes ago we uploaded the esecutive project for the AC100 eXtreme AC45 World Series The WING. Easily findable in our project section (in italian PROGETTI).



Our site: www.ac100.eu