RCSails FireDragon 1000 - Maiden Voyage

Yesterday I sailed my newest trimaran design for the first time.
The boat is 1000mm long and wide, it can be sailed with a full Mini40/F48 rig in the F48/Mini40 Class or with a smaller rig in the MultiOne Class.
The FireDragon 1000 can be equipped with optional foils for some foiling experience.

Below find some Pictures and a video clip of the maiden.


Cheers Roland

Hi Roland!

Looks good, quite fast and stable! :slight_smile:

Is this a one-off - or did you make molds for it allready?
When will kits of it be available and for what prize?
Estimated shipping fees?

And very important:
What´s the overall weight now?

Many questions - I know…

…but I´m looking forward to get your answers. :slight_smile:

Keep on rocking,

Hi Ernst,
long time not heard from you.
This boat is the first off the new molds - the prototype did sail in October last year. A platform kit and rig kits are available at RCSails list price is not much different from the Mini40 kits - the first boats receive a special discount until mid of April. International shipping by Economy Airmail depends on the location and is between $100 - $150 to most locations.
The FireDragon1000 can compete in both the Mini40 and the MultiOne class, in my clip it is rigged with the full 0.9sqm Mini40 rig. I have not checked the weight it should be around 3kgs.


Latest video clip of my FireDragon1000



I have made available free self builder plans for the FireDragon1000 in the Plans section of RCSails Shop.