RC65 or another 65cm CAT

Hi folks,
after the great success of my two 65cm TRIs, the Ragnarok and the Armageddon and inspired by some great pictures of a mini40 CAT sailed by some german guy I have started to build a 65cm CAT for my friend today. First pictures to come soon…


I have laminated the two hulls for ‘Adrenaline’ using the moulds from my ‘Armageddon’ .
I laminated the hulls plain without gelcoat to save weight.
The beams are test fit already.

Next step will be radio installation and building the rig.


The hulls are glued together, hatches are cut. I’m thinking about the rig now.
My plan is to have a center dagger board and center rudder - any ideas how to fit the rig?


I would love to buy a set of hulls from you, I would look at building a central “pod” that would plud into the holes that accept the rods.
The pod would be a design similar to modern cruising cats.

I would go with 2 rudders.

I would like to play with an “L” shaped retractable central centerboard that has the one leg un balasted and a longer leg with sufficient ballast to right the cat after a capsize. the longer leg can be retracted in lighter air and engaged in heavy air or righting.

Send me a PM, I really would like to buy a set of hulls!!!:zbeer:

Siri - photo from my archives of a Mini40 Catamaran - early 2000 vintage, but it might give you some ideas.



PS - I’m giving up on trying to “shoehorn” radio gear INSIDE of the “Flyer” hulls. They will be pod mounted, even though it will look “crappy”.

Thanks for your ideas and pics Dick,
I will try to go ahead with the hull mounted R/C gear and will align the rig as on the pic you have attached in your last post. If everything fails I will create a pod.
I also got some pics by email, showing newer Mini40 CATs, I have attached them for you.
I hope I can launch the CAT in two weeks, how is yours going ahead?

Have a nice day:D

Now that I know things are too tight for what I would like to do - last night I started laying out the radio stuff on paper, trying to get as small, and as thin (low) of a pod as possible. I believe whatever layout I select, it just won’t look as “sleek” as I desired.

Since you used a swing rig on the tri - may I ask which servo you are using for a winch, it’s torque rating and how long is the servo arm?

I’m thinking that using an arm winch with 180 degree travel is the only way I will be able to stay low and flat. Batteries will be in polywrapped “flat” pack, and using the “arms” in a vertical movement allows me to lay servos on their side.

Have a copule of horse shows (daughter) coming up in next few weekends, a visit from wife’s family, and a weeks vacation - so all will cut into my free time… and then there is “work” !

Dick, I use a standard servo (Futaba S3001) with 33 oz-in torque. Arm lenght is 35mm with 90 degree travel. I use the same servos with different arm lenghts for my RG65s and never got trouble with them. I’ve tried small sized servos in this torque range but the locally available brands tend to burn out within 10 minutes. If you are going to get a small servo go for the Hitec HS-225.

If you lay down the servo flat it is still a fat chunk and the arm is sticking up 40mm into the air. I think you should try to get at least the sail servo into the hull.

At work things are starting to pile up - not much free time for my multihull projects. I hope this weekend I will find some time to make some progress on the ‘Adrenaline’.


Thanks for the info

Looking forward to retirement and perhaps more time to work on my “fun” stuff.


Don’t do this Dick, I’ve heard retirees don’t have time at all:D

Hi folks,
as promised I made some progress on my ‘RC65 Adrenaline’ project. I have created the center platform to attach mast, daggerboard and rudder from 6mm carbon fiber tubes secured to the beams with carbon tows and a little epoxy, have installed the mast & keel boxes and rudder tube and fit the fin and rudder.
I also build a new rig from 6mm carbon tubes.

Here are the pictures:

Center platform with mast box, keel box & rudder tube installed

Keel and rudder assembled

Mast attached - total weight now 375g

Next to do:
R/C installation


Kurt, you will have to register a new 65M multihull soon:D

Have a nice day:zbeer:

I found some time to place radio equipment. The rudder is moved with a carbon push rod, all the R/C equipment except batteries sits in one float, the battery is in the other float to keep weights balanced.
I will go for a set of easy sails and hope to launch at the weekend.

Here are some pics from my last progress.:smiley:

radio tray

some views of R/C installation

rudder with pushrod attached

top view with all rc installed - you can see batteries are in the right float, while servos and receiver are in the left float

Have a nice day

Hi folks,
today I maidened the RC65 ‘Adrenaline’ Catamaran.
I’m happy with this boat.

You can find first video clips on my web soon:


Adrenaline First Launch

Have a nice day

Beautiful job!
Nice work!