RC Sandsailing in France

These amazing photos are provided by David Schorpion taken at an event that they had last spring. These models are beautifully built & some are simply HUGE. The French have made our efforts to promote this hobby in the US appear far behind (sound familiar Dick Lemke?). Anyway, here they are:


Great pics Bill and I agree we have a long way to go in promotion of this hobby. Maybe a regatta in the Fall would bring more attention to this sport.I am trying to promote this in Canada --lots of interest but most want to buy RTR kits–any manufactureres other than Robert Weber want to step up? Robert builds a great unit–I have an S1 and S2 and these lead me to buy a real one–a Blokart which I will race in Mich. this Fall. Continue to push the envelope Bill as you are a leader in this field–Cheers Bill.

Sigh !


Thanks for posting those Bill! Very nice! I sure have fun with mine, but it’s been hot and very little wind lately. Thinking that I will need new wheels soon :slight_smile:

Where will you be racing the Blokart? I’ve seen these out west at Ivanpah & they’re a remarkably well engineered craft in a small package. The Kiwis who designed them had brought a bunch over to race & they were a pretty amazing group too. I’ve organized a couple regattas in the past, but everyone is so spread out geographically that it’s tough to get a group together

Unfortunately, the RTR units which have been introduced so far are pretty much of a joke when it comes to actually sailing. Robert’s kits are very well thought out, as you would expect from a German immigrant who spent his working life repairing Audis, Porsches & BMWs. Some of them can be put together in an evening, so I would call them “almost” RTR. Also, Tony Johnson makes some nice kits made from molds he bought from Dean Derusha.

We race the Blokarts outside Detroit and there is also a club in New York State where they ice race–right up your alley. They are an amazing piece of engineering --want to get a 4.0mtr sail now for lighter air. The speed sensation is wild, especially on 2 wheels. For more info check out www.classactionracing.com. Can you steer me into more info on Deans kits? sound interesting—thanks Bill.

Thanks for the Blokart website. One of the elements that allows them to work in windy conditions with such a small platform is the unstayed bendy mast, not all that unlike the “McRig” unarig concept for Footys.

Tony bought the molds from Dean & produces very nice scale Nite & Renegade iceboats (with a wheel option), as well as a modified DN. The scale DN had trouble staying upright. His website is at: http://iceboats.tripod.com/

…taken by Samuel Tranchet. These guys are really into it & are planning another event this fall: