RC Sailing newbie (sort of...)

Eric Kerlow of the Madison RC Sailing Club has been loaning me an ODOM to sail this summer.
I’m a bit daunted buy the cost of an ODOM, but there one member has a Dragon Force RG-65 they sail/race with the group. The DF seems to hit the price/performance point for a starter boat. I’m hoping we can get a few more together and start a local fleet.

I actually started in model sailing many years ago (~1987) and half-built a plastic 12m RC kit, but never got it in the water. I also have a mahogany Dumas Star kit sitting untouched in the box…

Among other things I’m also a photographer. A few weeks ago I gave up the controller to another newbie and took the opportunity to take some photos:



Geoff S.

Welcome Geoff - glad you have decided to take a stab at the hobby.

Your name sounds familiar, and I want to say either ice boats or land yachts, perhaps? I was a long time friend of Bill Korsgard and had made a couple of visits to his home and to the Madison area. Met him up here in Minneapolis during an ODOM Nationals a bunch of years ago.

Look forward to sharing your photos with the subscribers to the forum. I think you are right about the DF65 being a great entry level boat. I sail a “regular” RG65 and am restoring an older “Marblehead” - plus have been active promoting multihulss in various sizes.

Good luck with the new hobby. Dick Lemke

Thanks for the welcome! Your name sounds familiar, too. I’m active in both iceboating (DN) and landsailing (blokart).
Bill was a good friend of mine as well. I think one of his ODOMs is sailing in the Madison club.
I still have some videos of one of his early RC iceboats: http://geoff-s.net/ice/K-1/index.html

I’ve been following your M65 thread. That could be a very cool boat.


Geoff S.

Probably DN stuff. I think some newsletters (or web site) was attributed to you.

I followed the DN for quite a few years, but snow depth (in Michigan) always produced a very short season, so hard to justify. Was NA class secretary for the 18 sq. meter catamaran association from 1983 to mid 2005! While in Michigan, I lived about 1/2 hour from the Gougeon shop and in our local and also state cat club watched as Matt Struble made his way up the ladders of success in cats as well as in DN class. Moved to Minnesota in 1986.


Just got a Joysway cat yesterday but busy so will be a while before I can get it on the water. Still actively building RG65’s for local “hobby” sailors, plus the multihull interest.