RC sailboat , building course for kids


I started in April a full year workshop with kids from 10 to 16 yeras old to build and sail IOM sailboats. 35 started, at this time only 15 are the proud skippers of 5 nice Ioms ( advance MKI) built by themselves under my supervision as “teacher”

Here, presenting the new fleet in a school break prior to sail for the first time next day.!!!

FInally sailing…

Tato -
nice job and great idea. I think Earl Boebert is doing a similar project in Albuquerque New Mexico but with the RG-65 Class. This is where we need to recruit our new sailors - or keep the young ones “out of trouble”. Well done and thanks for sharing.

By the way - neat graphics of the Piranhas along the side of hull and rudder! Are they decals you had made up - or are each one painted directly on the hull? Nice touch.

Warmest regards, Dick Lemke



The graphics was the easiest thing. You just cut the drawing from a X-ray sheet, then using an airbrush fill the hole figure in one color and then just retouch the contours with another color. in this case I used pink for the piranha and then black for the contour. Finally i painted a black circle for the eye, but i will retouych it with a period in in white to simulate some shine. Yo move the “X-ray” stencil along the hull painting as many figures as you need. With more experience you can “free hand” retouch each figure. i avoid that for the moment.

The hull was prepainted in white, the enire pink and piranhas took em like 15 minutes or so.

The shades where made with black, painted from alittle backard to get a softer color…it gave some 3D effect to the d__n fishes!!!

Hope this be useful for all of you!

Tato Lazo