RC Sailboat Beginners Books


what books would you recommend for a model sailboat starter?
Amazon has a lot of books, but very little reviews.

B. from rcsailboatguide.com

You might like to try my book Radio Controlled Racing Sailboats, published by Traplet Publications.
Their website is www.traplet.com
They have an Australian Sales office Tel 02 9520 0933
Also listed by Sails Etc in their catalogue. www.sailsetc.com

Chris Jackson

I have thar book, and I think it’s very good overall. You wrote the book from the point of view of the r/c modeller/sailor, and not as a big-boat sailor :slight_smile: Most people here have suggested beginners get a boat on big-boat sailing! :confused: See: http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/showthread.php?t=5027

But I think it should also have some information explaining he difference in performance between r/c yahcts and the big-boats, since people (namely big-boat owners) firstly think r/c yachts are big-boats with radio control. Also, some information on what to expect from, or tactics/techniques you can use, with your r/c yacht while sailing in different conditions, like light winds, very heavy wind, sailing in an overlapping crowd, tacking & jybing, the effects of the boat being 100+ feet away, etc. Most beginners just thing you haul in the sails and you will go fast! There is a bit of finesse & patience needed to be successful in sailing or making the next mark on a course.


Hi Everybody,

a good adress where to buy some interesting books like the “Radio Control Model Yachts” by Trevor Reece :


and changing the research title :