RC-Multihull-Meeting in Germany!

Only two days left untill the 2009 rc-multihull-event starts!

Here is the picture gallery of the first event in 2007:

Event 2008 - more boats, but less pics (?!):
Just scroll down a bit.

The boats of Karl Schmidt (SKAUT - AUT 07) are allways purple/yellow.
He will show up with a completely new boat built during this winter.

Also Eric Gielen with the carbon/epoxy prototype of the “Nightmare Mk.VII” will be there.

Good luck with the event. I hope the winds will be perfect to favor the multihulls. Do you expect any catamarans to show - or will they be primarily trimarans?

Please be sure to ask the organizers to take and post many photos - I believe most of us interested in multihulls would like to see close-up details of how each owner provides “his” solution. Winch installations, gooseneck, rudders, cross-beam attachments, etc. are all of interest. Seeing the boat on the water and how it floats is also helpful

Looking forward to seeing the results.



Ernst - please post a note in German to Klaus (I think) and tell him he needs to find “PINK” carbon fiber to go with the name of his “Barbiedolls” boat ! :smiley:

Also, is there a finish listing? I would like to know how well the catmarans performed against the trimarans if possible? Which sail numbers were your “Nightmare” design - I think you said one or two would be racing?

Hi Dick,
unfortunately they didn´t sail any “race” -…- I think they mostly just cruised up and down the lake, with heavy gusts and rain - trying to keep their boats upright.

Eric Gielen was there with the only “Nightmare Mk.VII”-Prototype, which was the last boat I built for somebody else, before I had to “retire” due to health problems.
As there where also three new german carbon trimarans made out of a new set of moulds (including the new “BarbieDolls”), even for myself the Mk.VII is hard to identify. Eric even changed the B-rigg (?) with SKAUT on one picture (AUT 07)!

But Eric´s boat has some yellow/orange painting on the decks of his carbonhulls - you should be able to identify it.

The guys around Jens Krauss - the organizer of the Aartal-Event - copied pretty much of my lines and displacement distribution.
Anyway - those germans (Krauts) seemingly don´t like Austrians being better - or even equal - with their own technical abilities -…-

But at least they are now at about the technical level I had in 2000-2001 when I designed/built Mark Baldacchino´s “Nightmare Mk.I” and Hannu Jarvela´s “Nightmare Mk.II” aka “Code RED”.

“It´s not easy to be a genius these days - 9 years ahead of them!” - ggg

PS: There was only one superbly built Mini40 catamaran from Michael Scharmer (IOMchen) - allmost unnecessary to say, with the configuration for cats I´m suggesting since years as well -> with only one rudder and one centerboard in the centerline of the cat! (and trimaranfloats as hulls as I also have been suggesting!) -…-

But do you think they EVER said “thank you for your advice” to me?-…- NO - they didn´t.
It is “entirely” their own “achivement” -…- ggg


Historically, most geniuses are considered eccentric until 50 years after they die…at which time they become known as geniuses. You are just gonna have to learn to “live” with that.

Interesting about the cat mini40…difficult to say (from the pics) what the hull profile looks like…where does the rocker lie??.



Dear Gary,
I don´t really consider myself as a “genius” - just a joke - it was hard work and lots of training -…- but in relation to most of these “other” guys -…- who knows -…- ggg -
-…- and I really don´t care, what will be written on my gravestone - if there will be any in the future -…-

Michael Scharmer`s cat (IOMchen) -…-

  1. you could use the Mk.VIII floats as well -
    or 2) take the cross sections of the floats, but the keel rocker line of the Mk.VIII mainhull and adapt them.

I would go for choice 1).


PS: you could also go to:
There are pics of a blue cat with identical system made with hulls/floats of my old “Nightmare Mk.I”.
You can also contact Ian Sammis directly.