rc gear question

hey all,
if i have a motor that isn’t a servo & i hook it up to a plug that fits into the receiver will it work or is there some other way of hooking up this motor (& batteries) to the receiver so it works?

Rob -

I have an automotive electric window motor that is reversable and 12 volt. I am going to use it as a winch on a possible 3 Meter project. RMG winches are still strong enough for a 2 Meter boat.

I will run a wire/servo from receiver and then will use the servo as a push/pull to control a switch that will reverse current when needed to allow the actual “motor” to run both ways to sheet in or out as a winch. The motor will have it’s own, and separate battery. A motorcycle 12 volt gel cell will not be a weight issue in a boat that large.

Plugging directly into a received won’t atually operate a motor itself.


You need a double pole double through switch.

i wonder if i had a switch off a one of those screw driver things that have forward, off & reverse is that the same as a dble pole dble throw switch?

this kinda screwdriver