Hello to all forum users! -

I’m writing this, to REMIND each and every single forum member,
WHY he originally joined to the radiocontrolled sailboat community! -

I will definitely NOT validate for any of you, what his urges, motivations or goals are - or have been in the first place! -
But ONE THING is for SURE:

We didn’t come here for WAR! -
Each single ONE of us came here for CREATIVITY! -

Can you agree to this??? -
Did you come here, because you wanted to BUILD UP something? -
No matter if it was a J-Class-Yacht, an IOM-yacht, a 1-Meter, a Marblehead, a twin masted schooner, a chinese junk maybe- or a multihulled boat? -
Or if you wanted to build up a GROUP of people, who is interested in that topic, just as you are? -

Did you come here in the first place, because you wanted to COMMUNICATE with others about your hobbyhorse? -
Because you wanted to SHARE it with others? -
Because you wanted to give and get new ideas? -

Or did you come here for DESTRUCTION, for INVALIDATING others, for EXCLUDING people with different opinions? -

Did you come here fo WAR? -
Or for CREATIVITY in a peaceful environment?
For tolerance or for witch-hunting? -

What was YOUR original intention? -
This is, what I would like to know! -
Could you please be so patient with a person, who just tries to understand, to explain this in a civilized manner? -

Thank you! - Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

Hi Ernest!
Good saying there. Through my window a can see a bird flying by, it is a called “M?s” in Swedish. It is common in harbours in Europe.

you realy want to know why i came here.
i will tell you. i love sailboats. not as much as my wife but it is close. i thought i could help others. i thought i could get information on iacc boats. the races , and make some friends in the IOM division. maybe even get information on what is the most important thing in making a sailboat fast.
I did not want to start a fight, or get into a war. this was how the board was in feburary. and yes i voulenteerd to be a moderator. and right now i could kick my self. this was fun for a while i met new members and members acted like adault. i met people like dick lemke, gale , greg v , tom and wis. and others. i asked a simple question 7 weeks ago. and still waiting on a anwser. all this started over a lack of surport from a single person who does not talk with the moderators. ONE moderator taking it upon himself to lock the forum down so that no other arguements can happen. and one modertator who wants to fix the forum. but with out any help
i love sailing. almost as much as my wife. and i will not give up on watching the americas cup
long live the cup and cris dickson

War!! We are discussing war. Stop the badgering. I think you should stop all post not relating to RC boats. Everyone stop making post that don’t relate to RC boats.

nuts to War anyway
Boats Rule!