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Hi guys

I?m after some opinions
I?m setting up a web page called rcboatplans.com
The idea is to have site where we can swap plans and deigns for RC boats. Notice I said swap. I hope it will grow into a kind of library for model boat plans. I plan to have sail (mono and multi) as well as power and scale boats.
I know a lot of guys who sail also design and build so I thought that some may like to share their designs with the world.
I?m qualified as a Naval Architect and work in the marine industry and am constantly just dreaming up new boats but never have the time to build them all so I have a few lying around. Some are full construction plans, some are just linesplans but they all may be of use to someone. I thought rather than having them sitting in the PC just gathering dust as it were why not see if people would like to build them.
So do you think this would be a good idea? would other designers post say last years hull design, or the scale ship hull, or the hydroplane design they had from 10 years ago to help people get into the hobby?
I hope to have it up sometime next week so whadya reckon?


troy that is a great idea.
most of my stuff is still on paper. but i am in the process of puting them to dwg files. when i get them done , you can have them
keep me updated
i am looking for plans for nzl 32

Great Idea,
I have quite a few drawings lying around “inside the pc”

Troy - the biggest issue will be the ability to “PLOT” (draw) the plans.

In the case of our F-48 files, at 4 feet long (1.2 meters) it takes a large format printer to get full size views and sections. Currently, I can provide 3 feet x 5 feet sheets, but most builders don’t have a large printer like this.

Might be a good idea to also offer hard copy plans, which means you will have to hook up with a Kinko’s or similar quick printer with appropriate equipment. This in turn necessitates a fee to cover costs of printing and postage.

ALso, there is a question of copyrights. Many boat plans provide for a single boat build. I would assume that any plans “acquired” but not “owned” would need to have approval from original designer to allow free duplication.

Just some thoughts that I ran into up here with our multihull plans.

Good luck

You said that you are always dreaming up ideas for boats and have some construction plans. What type of boats are they? I am asking this as near to where I live there is a group of guys that have allsorts of boats, from subs to square riggers and just about everything in between. If you are interested in seeing one of you ideas in 3-D some of these guys are always on the lookout for other boats to build.

Firstly guys thanks for the support

Dick ? I?d thought about that, and can plot up to 6 metres here at home so can provide that if needed. But I figured that if say you?re in the USA and I?m in Sydney I could charge for printing and post a hard copy of the plans but that would still take maybe a week to complete?? The alternative is you download the plans in *.PDF format and put them on a disk, go to your local printer, stop off at the hobby shop on the way home and start building in a couple of hours. Because I have access to plotters and large size scanners I planned to offer a service where a designer can post in hard copies and, as long as they are willing to share them for free, scan and convert them into CAD format.

Peter ? I?ve actually done some stuff with Graham Howard before but work keeps getting in the way of playing with little boats ? damnit! Ive got a new mini40/F48 tri that needs a builder? see attached pic

Keep the suggestions coming!


Download Attachment: 12m.gif

Download Attachment: tri.gif

Stay in touch. If you have anyone here in the US that desires, I can do hard copy and mail since I too have access to big format printer/copier/scanner. If they can’t find anyone to do it, I will give it a try for them. A few I can do for free - but if it turns into a lot of volume, I’ll have to charge going rate - no profit.

Cheers Dick

that 12 meter was fanastic wow. keep up the good work
forget the tri. i dont like them but opther people do . i like the 12 meter and the new iacc boats
that gif was great
way to go

[:-mouse]Troy, Love your idea,I am sure it would have support from most modelers.
I have a full size drawing of a 12 inch Balmain Bug taken from Stephen Crewes book about the Model Racing Skiffs of Australia. If I can get permission to reproduce it then I will post it to you for your site. There are a number of other plans in this book which could be of interest to those with a love of yachts that look pretty with lovely overhangs and gracefull lines. Do you know of this book?[:-pirate][:-cowboy]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

I don?t know the book but will try to find it and I would love to see some of those plans. I used to work in a place where the boss had an 80 year old 2 foot long timber skiff that was based on the old 18s that sailed on Sydney harbour. It was a beautiful old thing.
This was the kind of diversity that I was hoping to get to the site. It will be up next week with a only a few designs, but I think it should grow fairly well.


[:-timebm]Troy, I will attach a link to Stephen Crewes site where you can view some information
on the model racing skiffs of Sydney Harbour.
Give him a call and ask if you could list his plans on your site. Tell him I sent you. He is the official historian of the Australian Model Yachting Association.www.themodelyacht.com[:-skull]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

If you would like the mini40 built it wouldn’t be a problem to do. I have some ideas that I would like someone with your background to have a look at and comment over. E-mail me if you like and we’ll get things worked out. I’m in brisbane, and yes I know Graham. It’s unfortunate that he is no longer working with the multi’s.