Razor3 plans now on Footy website

I drew up a set of basic plans for Razor3, and Charles has put them on the Footy website plans page for me.

The plans are a bit more complete than my others, and include the panel shapes, rudder and fin planforms, mast location, fin location, rudder location, and B rig dimensions.

It’s an easy boat to build, and performs well. I hope people will have even more fun with it than they’ve had with the original Razor.



That’s great - thank you very much for sharing them with the world. I will print them out fullsize and see what they could be made of!


btw - did you get a look at Opalek in action in fierce wind? See the Wicksteed thread - I just knew it could

Thanks Bill! The original Razor is a very nice and well-behaved boat. I’m really looking forward to give this version a go!