Ranger RG-65

Hey Guys,

Finally got the new Ranger wet. It’s really nice. Sails well, very balanced. Sails good in light air with a max height A rig. Enjoy the pics…


She looks great, Brian.

I think yours is the first to be posted with a conventional rig…a nice-looking one, too. Could you share construction info and measurements for others interested in rigging this way?


Thanks! Are you the original designer? I wanted to have the correct info on my website as I plan to offer RTS Rangers. If you could forward that info to me I would appreciate it…

I will get some data together and post for other who want to go “conventional”


Yes Brian, I designed Ranger…glad you like it.

Bill Hagerup

Got to see it in person today. Very impressive boat. Brian is a top notch builder, and everything he touches looks to be first class. I’m highly jealous of the other Ranger about to go out the door to a customer!


Hey Dion,

Nice to meet you today…and Thanks! Actually what you saw on the workbench was the Blue Splash, but still an RG-65 and still a nice boat! Build log going on over at http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1398583 for this boat…


Yep, I realized that later. Either way, an impressive boat!