Range of Transmitter or receiver

I have a Soling One Meter with a HiTech HP2RNB receiver and a HiTech Ranger IIN transmitter. I have a Futaba servo for the sails and a HiTech servo for the rudder. I have a 5 cell 1.2v 2800maH battery pack for the receiver and 8 cell 1.2v 2800maH batteries for the transmitter.

My problem is that I lose control of the boat at a range where other Soling One Meter boats are in control. I suspect that the problem is with the receiver or the transmitter.

Does anyone have any insight on this?

Where is the reciever aerial. Is it totally under the deck. If so, engineer it so that at least 6-7 inches are vertically aligned above the deck, but not touching standing rigging. If the aerial is already exposed then check for any ‘black wire’ in the copper stranding by chopping off the end half inch and opening up the insulation. Next, have you checked the transmitter aerial. Is it securely fixed at its anchorage in the casing and is there possibly corrosion at that anchorage. If it is a telescopic extending aerial, have you cleaned it recently with WD40 or equivilent dewatering spray, and thoroughly wiped it down to remove any greasy deposits. Check that the transmitter aerial is not running close to any servo control lead or power winch casing. Induced emf can cause problems.
The voltage should not affect the reciever as long as there is still enough to drive the winch and servo, but make sure the contacts in the reciever are clean. Some people slober grease all over the place and it is amazing where it gets to, to the detriment of electronics. Keeping everything dry is the best policy. In a reciever pot or baloon.



On my ODOM, I have the aerial in a tube that’s tied to the underside of the deck beams. The tube goes from the radio area to the bow, and makes it easy to feed the wire through it. I have never had any loss of control, but I haven’t explored the range of the radio system beyond 600 feet ( c. 200m). The hull is glass, and the boat rides sufficiently high above the water.
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