Radio regulations....

Just a Quick question regarding RC installation in the footy:

Must I use a 2ch radio in the boat, or can i use my 4/5 channel waterproofed Spektrum reciever with my surplus Spektrum 5ch radio. But only use 2 channels/servos?

The regulations say 2ch but nothing about using to many channels reciever/radio.

And also, i guess 2.4Ghz Rc is allowed?
The old 27/40Mhz is hard to come by in Sweden now adays…


Hi Johan
I use a 6 channel transmitter and receiver but only use two of those channels with one servo operating the sail and another operating the rudder. Most sailors use 4, 5 6 (or even more) channel radio systems because they are used for other things too and there are not very many two channel radio systems available any way.
The important thing is that you are only using two channels to control two servos.
I sail with Jonas Ahlstrand, SWE 41 here in Switzerland and was also fortunate to meet Fredrik Tengstrand, SWE 53 earlier this year when he visited from Sweden.
Good luck with your Footy in Sweden.

Thanks for clarifying. Havn´t found any 2ch stick radio yet… :slight_smile:

Also looking forward to see if the hull I modeled earlier works in the 3d printer…


Yes, use your Spektrum but only use two channels.

From the Footy International Class rules

[FONT=TimesNewRomanPSMT]C.1 Radio control is restricted to the use of no more than 2 channels.

The rule does not care how many channels you have - just use two.

It is almost impossible to buy 2 channel radios anymore - the mass market is for RC aircraft and they use multi channel radios - the higher volume keeps down the price. There is little market for two channel radios, so with low volume, the price would be higher.

Yes go to 2.4gig.


hi all friends,

On our Footies, we use this very easy, cheap and simple radio.


Even cheaper is Hobbyking transmitters and receivers. There is also a small Turnigy thats a good price as well