Radio pot?


I have noticed a number of photos showing the IOM’s and others the use of “radio pots”. Some seem to be screw on lids others are like the plastic snap on lids.
This brings up the question of… Has anyone every built there own. Did a check at the local R/C supply place but they did not have one instock (mind you they never heard of it either) I was thinking a person could build one fairly easy. Plastic container (of the right size)with silcone seal where the wires would come threw.

Second part of the question would be Is a radio pot a good idea??(Thinking of use for a IOM)



All the one metres I have seen have screw on lids, screw on has to be screwed off, but snap on CAN snap off!.
Choose your Pot with care, make very sure that ALL your Radio gear will fit in it, dont pick a Pot with wide shoulders, ie, wider in the Pot than at the Lid.
If the pot is very wide under the Lid, it can be a real pain to remove the RX Nicads in a hurry, as in Racing.
Buy a Pot, but buy some spare Lids also, some one WILL stand on it and break it!. so your Pot needs to be one that the shops have LOTS of!!.
I have the on/off switch in the Pot too, some folk have watertight switches on the Deck, the pot seems best for me.
Drill a hole in the side of the pot for the wiring to go through, high up on the pot side, fit the hole with a little rubber cone bellows to keep the water out.
Dont worry about water getting into your pot, when it gets up to the hole, you will have sank!!.

Which make do you use? Screw on seemed better as you said.

Ok so batteries and reciever are all the pot holds?
or is the reciever left outside?


Only the Rudder Servo and the Winch are outside of the pot.
Before fitting the servo’s, clean the outsides of the Winch and Rudder servo’s, where there is a join in the case, I put clear tape over the join and press the tape well down for the best sealing effect.
I have always done this, even on servos etc that claim to be water proof.
Nearly had my one metre boat sink, forgot to replace the drain plug before a heavy weather Race, LOADS of water in the hull, but no problems with the electrics at all.