Radio Advise

Being a beginner each step in the hobby is a learning experience. I recently bought a used, but beautiful ODOM with Stout (?) sails and a Fubuta (?) 2 channel AM radio. Since it only has freq channel 62 on 75 MH, and another in the club is already using that, I have started looking into adding crystals. I have gotten conflicting stories from different hobby shops, and reading the Tower and the Futbuta site confuses me even more. Is it only a simple step of changing crystals in both TX and RX, or do I really have to send the X back to a service center “to have it serviced”. Or is that a legal issue that I can ignore.

What about upgrading, ie, buying a new FM or PCM radio? Any recommendations? I do not think I will ever get into flying so 8 or 9 channels doesn’t seem necessary.

What about “frequency Modules”?

What about radios that can be tuned to different channels?

You just need to change the cristals on both Tx and Rx. No rocket science behind it. If I was able to do it, you can do that yourself.

I am looking at getting a JR 2610 for me as I fly RC Aircraft to which next year I will be getting into RC Yachts. It also depends on what you are going to use it for.

Hi Steelknee.
As Marino says you can simply change crystals in both transmitter and receiver.
Provided you stay within the 75mhz band and make sure they are an AM crystal pair you should not have to send your radio away for calibration.
If you are looking to buy a new radio then my recomendation would be to go for a four or six channel FM or PCM set.
These are not expensive in the scheme of things and the extra channels will come in usefull as your skills and requirements change.
The FM and PCM systems are less likely to suffer from interference in our crowded radio air space.
The other thing you could look at is the new 2.4GHz series of radios.
Once purchased your radio should last you for many years, if you buy a quality brand from any of the recognised makers.

I have been using a 4-channel AM 75 MHz transmitter for sailing. It allows me to sail single-handedly, so I can have one hand free for whatever. I put the ratchet on the right stick, and use that for both sail & rudder (channels 1 & 2). Now I can walk, talk & chew gum whiler sailing too :tand: