Radio 6 metres

Does anyone have any contact with any people/clubs who sail 6 metres?

There is no class racing in Australia that I know of and so far emails to the 6 metre association have gone un-answered. is the site I have been starting out from but to date have had no luck getting info.

I have ordered a set of Rococo lines from Sails etc and plan to build this boat but was hoping there may be someone who could offer some tips or advice.



E-mail Bill Green at


My only thoughts about the Rococo is to use the fin and ballast from Sails etc. These 2 items will make for a fast and efficient R6M. I have a Barry Chisolm built Ravenna with the older (wider cord) fin and wing shaped keel (ballast). She is blisteringly fast. Never lost a match race yet…:smiley: I hear the narrower cord fin makes the Rococo (a famous light wind speedster) quicker in all wind speeds.

Good luck and post pics your build if you get the time.

Thanks for the advice. Just to make sure I’m on the same page, are you saying using the fin part # 350d and the ballast part #207?

I’ll post pics as I get going.


Yes - after a quick check on the Sails etc web site ( ) - it is part #350d fin and #207 ballast. The fin fits into the fin box molding part #350F or #350G. Quote from the web site refering to the Rococo design: “use moulded items 350d/350f/359d/207 for best results”. Although personally I would call or e-mail Graham or Lorna Bantock to confirm and discuss your needs & budget. They will be glad to help you out.

I remember Henry Farley used to sail a fast carbon Rococo. I wonder if he still has it? Anyways, here are a couple of photos of Henry’s boat thanks to the Lee Valley MYC web site.

Also you might also consider using one of Bantock’s carbon rudders. My Ravenna and Henry’s Rococo used one, as well as many other designs and competitive 6’s. The new longer ones look sexy…! Mine is just about the exact same depth as the keel.

Here’s a photo of one fitted to an Octavia and another fitted to (I think) another Rococo.

One more pic I dredged up !

A home made Rococo.


Thanks for the pictures. They are a great looking boat. I was reading the rules and they suggest that genoas and spinnakers would be allowed. Do you know if this is for RC or only for the vane sailing boats?
I’ve sent emails to members from the 6 metre association but have had no responses. I guess there is little support for this class anymore?


All from my rusty memory - I have heard about, and seen photos of, genoas on R6M’s (Radio 6 Meters). But not spinnakers. Vane 6’s have kites. Overlapping headsails have been proved fast upwind but are a real pain to engineer and implement in a radio 6. If I remember right - Paddy Chambers at 2 Islands club built a 6 with a genoa but it was too hard to handle to be competitive. I think KISS is best - the normal rig seems to be fastest on all points of sail

BTW - Did you hear back from Bill Green? Sorry to hear you are not getting any replies from the 6 meter crowd in the UK. It seems like the class has shrunk a little in the past few years. I hope it keeps alive as 6’s are beautiful and great sailing boats.

No Jono, no replies anywhere, it looks like i may be asking you a few questions if thats ok!

As far as genoas go look at

it shows Australia2 class yachts racing, one with genoa one without. I think the system can be made fairly workable and does have a definate light air advantage.


Weird - I am quoting myself…:confused:

What I really meant to say was - In the cut and thrust of fleet racing or the close quarters manouvering of Match Racing the normal rig is easier to handle and therefore faster. Also (as you know) - light and therefore with a high ballast ratio is quickest.

My R6M has 1 winch, 1 steering servo, 1 receiver and 1 small 7.2V NiNH battery, nothing more. Everything else is carbon and all the weight is in the lead ballast at the bottom of the keel.

I totally agree with you that an overlapping headsail has light airs advantage and is quite possibly quicker in all conditions.

This is just one thread on RC Groups about genoas. There are more if you search the sailing threads.