racing sparrow

recently finished my first rg65 racing sparrow. So far been quite impressed with it, especially in strong winds. However I certainly over engineered it & at around 1.2 kg, it would be possible to shed some weight. Was also my first go at making sails & although they came out ok, again there is much room for improvement.

Right now I am making another, this time with a view to using the hull as a plug to produce a carbon version. With what I learnt from the first one, i feel i could loose around 250 grams, which would hopefully make it competitive. If it all works out well I hope to try a few open regattas & start trying to improve my sailing skills.

All in all my venture into Rg65’s has been a thoroughly enjoyable & informative experience.


Hi Glenn, nice looking boat. Mine is a few posts down. A lot of my extra weight was in the finishing after glassing, even so I managed 1170g with a 630g bulb. Flat single panel sails work quite well. Nice boat to sail.
Have a look in here for other RG65’s