Racer 1903

Hello everybody ! I’m french builder of yacht and for make a circumnavigation with my product, il surf… on the web :slight_smile:

Sorry for “my” english :wink:

length : 1,30 M
Weigth : 6,6 kg.
Hull : balsa.
Mast : carbone + strip planking.
RC : futaba 2 channel.
More pictures and information : http://voiliers-classiques-rc.voile-rc.net/

ps : i have make im self the translation of text in the blog


Please take notice of my boat, but don’t take notice of my mistake :wink:

Your boat is very beautiful. Especially the rig.

There seems to be a lot of new interest in J-style boats recently, which should allow for a lot of traffic sent your way.

Cheers mate, and keep up the good work.

Votre bateau est très beau.
Particulièrement l’installation. Il semble y avoir beaucoup de nouvel intérêt pour les bateaux de J-modèle récemment, qui devraient tenir compte de beaucoup de trafic envoyé votre manière. Les acclamations joignent, et maintiennent le bon travail.

Sorry about the French. (I used a translator)

Thank’s Nigel !

For the rig of “bel ami”, the mast is in carbone, with strip planking. The sails is in coton (thanks at my whife ;-))

On the photo, the boat is so smale, but in fact he to be 6fett tall !

For the rig of “youpi” (translate = yipiiiiiiiiiiiii ;-)) the mast is curv… and the bom is on the deck.

for the bottle screw i’m verry happy to use bottle screw of plane. The effect is verry lovely. I’dont use translator, and i hope you undesterdand this explanation.

Thanks for your comment : i have make my blog from 2 days and i’m verry happy to partage my passion.

My boat make a trip around the world since 2 days :-)))))))

ps : attached : strange picture by my strange mobile phone !

I every body,

News pictures… But the translation is not close sorry. No problem : the picture say alone ! Your Welcome, of course (in french course = race :-))

And more new picture on


Hi !!!

And now… The video of 1903 racer ! Welcome on board !



And lot of new pictures on :


bye !

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Neat vids!

Thanks Roaddog,

Since this tread, “YOUPI” is become a official monotype off “gaff rigger rc” in France.
You can look a new video of this product at this adress :



In 2011, a “YOUPI race” is organised il France, your’ welcome of Course (one Youpi is in Chicago !)