Race Reminder

Don’t forget to sign up for the Region 1 Footy Championship race in Needham, MA. More information is on the other Footy newsgroup (a map is in the Files section), or contact Jim Linville directly from that newsgroup.

I must have missed this announcement… when is the regatta?:confused:

The Region 1 Regatta is Oct. 25 at Lake Rosemary in Needham MA. I plan to be there with three boats which are already spoken for (Last year, Jim beat me with one of my own boats). Let’s make it the biggest one in the northeast US!
Let Jim Know if you can make it.

What are the bets that i can have a boat ready and tested by the 25th?:devil3:

grins The entire fleet is in the dry-dock right now, mainly due to lack of time to devote to them:scared:. Jim, I’d love to be there (I’ll send you a separate message) and i will do my best, but as with last time, it may be a last minute thing as to whether i make it with a boat.

off to the work shop!