Race Management - Scoring

Maybe someone out there can help, when trying to break a tie by counting the number of firsts, seconds, etc; Are discarded races included in the countback?
We just had a very close contest and just wondering if we had one winner or two![:-banghead]


[:-snorkel]Apendix 1 rule A 8.1 says
NO you should not count discarded races.
Rule A 8.2 says
If you wish to break a tie you should go to the last race in which both boats met
with the highest placed in that race being the winner between the two boats in question.

nerds of the wold untie

Thanks Ian, I was outvoted at the contest and the awarded the placing to the guy that had one more fifth place than the other, but one of those fifth placings was a discard.
All’s well that ends well though - the eventual winner announced on the day won the last race anyway.
For the record, they both had 3 1sts, 3 2nds, 1 3rd, 1 4th, and 1 5th before discards.

Thanks for ‘untieing’ us!!!


Hi Alan and Ian

Ian is reading from an old rule book.

A8 Series Ties is the applicable rule
A8.1 If tied, boats scores are listed in order of best to worst and at the first point where they differ the tie is resolved in favour of the boat with the best score. No excluded scores(discards) shall be used.
A8.2 If a tie remains it shall be broken in favour of the boat that scored better than the other in more races. Discards not used.
A8.3 If a tie still remains they shall be ranked in order of their scores in the last race. Any remaining ties shall be broken using the tied boats’ scores in the next to last race etc. These scores shall be used even if some of them are excluded scores.



Here is the US, and I suspect Internationally, A.8.2 has been deleted. Does not impact the overall result however. Clip below is from the US Sailing web pages

Changes in
The Racing Rules of Sailing 2001-2004
Including US SAILING Prescriptions

Racing Rules of Sailing

There has been no change in any of the numbered racing rules.

Appendices, Section 1

There has been one change to Appendices, Section 1 effective June 1, 2002.

  1. Racing rule A8.2 is deleted, and rule A8.3 is renumbered A8.2.