R/C Sailing in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario??

Don’t know if this is the right spot for this posting but what the heck.

Does anyone knew if there are any r/c sailing clubs in Manitoba looking for the Winnipeg area also How about in the Kenora Ontario area. Heading to these areas this summer and would love to take in a few sails with the locals.
Did a web search but seems there isn’t any one sailing in either of these areas. I tried a email to the Ontario director for the Canadian Radio Yachting but it bounced.

So what about it guys and gals Anyone have information ??? Oh it seems there is no r/c sailing in Saskatchewan either.


Not to sure about clubs in these areas, but we have sold lots of kits in and around Northern Ontario, Manitoba, and all the way out west.
If there are kits, there have to be people sailing them. All you need is a few people and you have a club.

Peter R.

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I agree with all of you. But the best waters is lake Zenda. My old friend Mel Gibson runs a sail-loft and a boat-yard nearby. Incidently, his book “Sailing Smart” is the best you can read.