Well, it may be a stupid question.

I just got a Ranger 2N for my new boat. It comes wit a ratchet. What is a ratchet and what it is used for?

The unit came with instructions to install it, but, it assumes you know what this thign is good for.

My other radio is a pistol type, so please be understanding with me…


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marino how are things
normally on two stick transmitters the throttle or sailcontrol returns to center when you let go of the stick, the rachet is the to stop that so you can set the sail trim in any poistion and make small adjustments with the trim stick on the side if that helps .it does make sailing much easier as you can still hold the beer in the sail hand and steer with the other

such is life!

Great explanation (the beerexample)!!! Makes sense now.

BTW you can find some pics of the mold of the new boat on this thread:

The site is in spanish, but the pics are fine. the boat is a RG-65 65 cm LOA 12.2 cm Max Beam.

Thanks again for the reply


The more I practice, the luckier I get.