As you guys kno me and a couple of frends are building and designing a Cat…I dont think that there are any multihulls here in SA if so there are very few, Just a question, If we wanna bring these into the F48 class what would we have to do? or is it better off starting a new class similiar to the F48?
The project still has a long time to go, so asking now b4 i forget.
Shaun RSA

Hi Shaun -

responding as class secretary for the F-48 class … Simply comply with the (very few) following rules for this “development” class:

  1. Multiple (more than one) hulls
  2. Maximum length is 1.2 meters or 48 inches
  3. Maximum beam is 1.2 meters or 48 inches
  4. Maximum sail area is .903 sq. meters or 1400 sq. inches
  5. No kite sails - but solid wings, multiple rigs, multiple radio channels/servos, carbon, Kevlar, etc. are all OK.

One opinion that has been issued, is the spinnakers are allowed during a regatta provided that in total, sail area does not exceed total allowed by class rules.

I can shoot you a complete set of rules if you wish - let me know.

Dick Lemke