Question for the Multis...

So I am just a little curious about all these pictures of model tris on one hull… Can you really sail them like that, or is it just the quick fingers of the photographer? I guess the trouble I have with it is that in full size cat sailing, you feel how the boat reacts to the puffs that lets you keep it under control, but in models, you don’t have that feel (seeing as you are physically disconnected from the boat). So how do you guys do it?


Graham -
A good point identical to what I was trying to make some posts back regarding the use of moveable ballast - and problems associated with the “feeling” of a boat in your legs - or a bit higher up.

If one can sail with as much reduced surface drag as possible, yet keep the rudder in the water for steering - then yes - it is the fastest way possible … however - even on big boats they can get it wrong once in a while!

<font size=“1”>[courtesy G. Martin-Raget/Royale Production Photo & Sailing Anarchy web site]</font id=“size1”>

If you can’t feel it coming, it is impossible to compensate for it - or it’s just too late!


Sailing r/c multihull’s on one hull can be done quite easily. The boat’s we sail here are very well balanced which helps. Weight is a big factor, light boat’s fly main hull’s much easier than heavy ones do.

The control’s on the radio gear need to be feathered to keep them on the one hull for long periods but it can be done with a little practise. The first time you sail a boat that flies the main hull you are very conservative and the normal reaction is to point up or ease sail to bring it back down again.