Question about a Fairwind III

When I was taking the radio box apart to install the batteries, there is a triangular clear plastic panel that was attached to the front of the radio box, what does it do? Do I need it? I have gone to the Kyosho web site and looked at the published manual just to see if there had been an update that covered this piece and no they don’t show it either.

An other question, why is the preferred method of installing a jib is with a jib boom? I would like to make the boat a little more scale with a Genoa style jib sail sheeted to either side. Is this done for ease of sail handling so that One servo can handle both sails? Is this just too much work for a fun sail boat, one that is not going to be raced.

Portland Oregon

there are only a few RC boats that I have seen that have Genoa style sheeting… If all you are doing is tooling around on the lake with no other boats, then the skys the limit… i think you’ll need at least a third servo…

But one reason for the jib club is its much easier to rig and sail but also the way the jib club attaches to the deck and to the sail it allows for tension in the leech of the sail. which is something you wont have control over if you go to “real boat” sheeting.