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nice one…

Feedback seems not to work, but pics are nice…

keep up the good work


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Peter -

I think we may have corresponded in the past about this, but could/would you care to share performance characteristics of the various designs? The good points, as well as perceived bad points would be very useful. As I receive requests, I point to GHOST TRAIN, PULSE, SNAPDRAGON, NIGHTMARE and WATER RESIST as potential plans for new builders/owners. I mention FREIGHT TRAIN, but personally am not pleased with the wide, underwater sections of that design.

I noted one of your fleet has a modified SNAPDRAGON and in the end, it would be nice to have a comparison of all of the designs when raced against each other (skipper’s abilities taken into consideration of course).

Any comment or help appreciated. By the way, seeing as how some are their designs, or they did the build, it would be wonderful if you could convince them to participate on this forum - or the multihulls one. Always nice to hear other opinions and thoughts that have been translated into on-the-water boats.