Qld state IOM titles

The event was sailed over this past week-end, and although I’m not into IOM’s I went down and had a look. I do know some people that race them and are trying to get into the Australian team for the worlds.
The event was easily won by Brad Gibson sailing a Disco. Full results are available through
and then follow the links.

The one big thing that I as a spectactor and sailor of another class couldn’t believe was the amount of blatant rules breaches.

Skippers called for penalties that did 360 degree turns were doing them on the course impeding other boats. Were they called to do another one? NO

In other cases there were three or four boats albut head to wind trying to round a mark, attempting to call boats coming in wide of the fleet at pace that they had no rights.

I really think that these skippers, and for that matter the officials need to pick up the blue book and read the rules. otherwise the worlds are going to be a joke.

The one good point was that most of the guys who would make the Australian team did sail well and sailed to the rules.

I didn’t see every race, but of the racing I saw I can’t see that there will be any surprises in the team.


good to see us victorians showing the banana benders a thing or 2

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