Pyewacket Thoughts

Just curious what other RC sailors think of what Roy Disney did to Pyewacket. From a visual perspective he totally ruined the most gorgeous modern racing boat I have ever laid my eyes on. But from yacht design standpoint (keeping in mind I am no Naval Architect), but how the heck do you change an 86’ boat to 94’ or whatever it is, and make it look so darn seamless. Not to mention, I think wings on a Canting keel boat seem odd to me, but thats just me. I also find it somewhat humorous after that money he spent on the boat, it didn’t break the Transpac record, even though I think the main reason was the weather, it still made me laugh, because when next years Transpac rolls around you know the boat will be changed again.

Pyewacket now resembles strongly the 90 footer the kiwis tried to race against the trimaran in the '89 [or something] americas cup. the wings just help add to the keel’s righting moment… actually its pretty engenius… although rather funny looking! and you are right, if it had blown harder, chances are that she would have broken the record… Roy decided at the last minute not to sail… i would think a crew change of than magnitude might stir things onboard up a bit too…

even more scary, the new breed of AC boats may look very much like this pyewacket… :mad: grrrr.

I understand how and why the wings are there, but for a refit that extensive it would have been cooler to see something more like cat trampolines rather than actual wings. As for the AC boats, I would like to see a change in the rule, or completely out of the box thinking that starts to change the designs dramatically. Not that there is anything worng with them now, but I would like to see something crazy. Think Volvo Extreme 40 x 2, I know they are cats, but they are so crazy fast and nuts, it would be cool to watch (2) 80’ cats flying hulls in amacth race.


said in my best Homer Simpson voice. :rolleyes:

actually, Sailing Anarchy hinted that Larry had suggested the next AC cup in 90 foot cats. Probably won’t see it happen however. Too radical and fast for “older” sailors. Hee Hee Hee ! :cool: