Putting a Face to the Name

On the home page at www.sundaysloopers.com we have added the names of the people in the group picture of sailors at the event. I thought some of you might want to see the mugshots of the quilty.

if I had known you were gonna do that i would have not have posed for the picture…As it is I was just watching my boat drift towards the overflow grates…:slight_smile:

Glad I wore my hat and glasses. And over at the other end… that’s not Charlie Mann, that’s Graham.

Tall, I’ve made the change already, I was looking at the sail number and read 01 instead of 10, which was a bit confusion at the event. I should have remembered the broad brimmed hat, you know Englishmen and the sun thing.

Brits quite often don’t see the sun thing for weeks at a time. That’s why we call it the thing, we can’t remember what it’s proper name is Don’t. know much about broad brimmed hats though, that sounds like a nasty foreign habit. Graham must have spent too many years away from home…:zbeer:

We also call it The Currant Bun since it is not proper that it shuld be mentioned by Its True Name.