Happy New Year everyone ~ Just finished rigging “PussyFoot” so thought i would let you have a look.

She is loosly based on a Cape Cod Catboat “Breck Marshall” that takes passengers for rides on the Mystic river from the Seaport Museum in Connecticut USA.

The hull is from George Turners “Freya” she also carries a 280 motor (just in case the wind dies)

I just need to add some character 1:24 figures and a white pin stripe to finish her

Really great looking model!!:zbeer:

Can’t wait to hear how she sails!!!

Re really cool to put some lazy jacks on her and a trip to drop the sail and motor it!:lol:

A fine looking model indeed! Doesn’t the added drag from the prop slow the boat down when she’s under sail? I guess it would be too difficult to have a folding prop in such a small size…

Bill Nielsen
Oakland Park, FL USA

When i get her in the water i will let you know at the moment my local lake has sprung a leak so is dry.

I have taken the precaution of being able to remove the rudder to get the shaft out for maintenance and to take the prop off if that was the case

Like the look of your boat if it sails as well as it should it will provide lots of fun. Trouble is my next model was going to be very much on the lines of your one so I will have to think of another design to copy. Good sailing, Bob

Robert plagiarism is the best form of flattery

So, we hope that Andy’s boat won’t sink… :devil3:

Another boating mate I had would not build model of a ship that has sunk (like the Titanic, or the Edmund Fitzgerald)

According to the Seaport Museum web site, the “Breck Marshall” is still being used to carry passengers during the summer months - I take it they are not using aqua-lungs? :scared::confused:

Ok just finished her off today with the tiddly bits - sea gull’s already decided to move into the crow’s nest - goodness only knows what the crow will say

Could you tell me what type of keel your using


Richard ~ i cut strips of lead from the measured weight (I kept adding it till it looked right) taking account of batteries motors servos etc ~ the strips were then aligned on their edge in the keel and i then sealed them in place with epoxy.

If i want to add additional weight i can add a additional keel below the boat to give additional righting moment if needeed. some loose balast is removed to fasilitate this.

Thanks Andy, does she sail ok with the internal ballast. I have a set of the same mouldings and want to build her scale so sailing with no external keel would be good