Purpose of Review Section along with Guidelines

This section was created to help people find out information about the different kits ( other then the manufacutures website)

Posting a review:
If you are the first one to post on a particular model please try and show pictures followed with a summary of steps of how the kit was completed. Please try to comment.
Also include:
[li]how hard you felt the kit was to put together
[/li][li]what methods seemed to work the best
[/li][li]Your experince on ordering the kit <font size=“1”><font face=“Arial”> (ex.: was the company easy to deal with, did they ship all the pieces and parts, etc.)</font id=“Arial”></font id=“size1”> [/list]
If a posting has been made already for a model please feel free to add any other comments or different experiences under it (in a reply).

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