Pultruded tube as mast material


I am building my first yacht, which is similar in size to a Marblehead class.

I have found a very good and cheap local supplier of pultruded CF tube. Is this material suitable to be used as an RC yacht mast?? Using pultruded CF I can get a 2.1 metre mast (3 x 1m lengths of 12mm OD tube 2mm wall thickness) for AU$41.70 versus $156 for a McConaghy built filament woound mast with 1.5mm wall thickness.

Thoughts please Ladies and Gentlemen…


Pultruded is typically a little heavier than filament wound, but should work just fine. Easier to join too, as the inside dia is constant.

Thanks Hew,

As this is my first one and I have the Financial Controller (wife) checking every receipt I will get some pultruded tube.


Here are some cheapy threads on making your own.
Could start making some money…