Puddle Pirate rigged!!!!

Finally, it will see pond water soon. Just have to install the radio gear.



Arrrrrhhhh Matey !!!

Looks like ye have a “PEAPOD” - but in reduced scale… :pirate:


Puddle Pirate:

I don’t want people to think it’s a scaled down Peapod…

I did think about a scaled down Peapod a few months before I designed my hull. Might make an interesting Footy.
Nice Peapod you have pictured!!

Finally made to the pond, it was late in the day, wind was going away fast. Sometimes one two minutes of wind then calm, then wait for a minute or two, wind again…

Anyways had to sail and take picture;videos at the same time with my digital camera. I just added a couple more pictures.

Not the best quality of videoes but you can still view them at: