Puddle Pirate Footy just pulled from mold...

Just popped hull #2 out of the mold, weighs 1 1/2 oz. without the deck attached. The first pull of the deck is constructed as hull #1 was. Another deck will be layed-up and should be lighter …Hope to get more hulls made this weekend.

I also did lay-up a M505 hull (19 7/8"), it will also make a nice small packable boat.



congats on your mold work success.

don’t know about you, but i love to release parts from molds. i find it cool.
looks as in your in the process of now finding your optimum lay-up schedual.
that process is great fun too. refining and refining until the brainchild satisfies the maker.

congrats again.

Five hulls sitting here, have one more to do before I make a decision on the lay-up schedule.

This afternoon, Keels & rudders have been cut and tapered. Rudders now have the shafts glued into them. Keel slot and rudder post hole have also been cut into all the hulls.

Getting there…:zbeer: