Puddle Duck (PDracer) Footy


I don’t know if you have seen a puddle duck but I saw one here http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7018800804069123212 on YouTube for the first time.

I had already made a few Footy’s on my own and used Bret’s hulls for a few. I figured what the heck, I could make a Puddle Duck Racer Footy.

I scaled the plans from http://pdracer.com/ down to Footy dimensions and used a foam block, then covered it with cardboard, used the cardboard for a template and cut out 32nd inch plywood to cover the foam. After the plywood was added I used fiberglass to cover the hull, and added a keel box to the center of the boat.

Here is a video I put on YouTube of the R/c PDracer Footy sailing r/c for the first time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he9w9PcGRiw

Now it is your turn, build a boat…

Visalia CA

This is very interesting. It sounds like you have some other footys to compare it against. Is it significantly slower because of the hull shape? I suspect that it can carry a lot more sail than a conventional footy hull, because of the very full prow, and am wondering if it might have better performance than a conventional hull if you give it enough sail area, or a strong enough wind?

Walt H.

Hi Walt,

Right now I’m not using a weighted keel, so I haven’t attempted to put on a big sail yet. I have been messing with balance and trying to get it to point up.

I have moved my mast back to just in front of the keel box and I think I have those issues solved now so I can move onto other things like changing sail designs and trying different things with it.

I have 3 other footys in the shop. Two from NZ and one I’m building is a 1’ long catalina. This is a toy mod I’m working on.

The sail I currently have on the PDracer is about 86sq in, I have a larger lateen sail about 180sq" that I have used on my other boats. If I add some ballast to the keel I think I can go with that.

Here is the latest pic of the PDracer.

Visalia Ca