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To simply and quickly post images from a weekend on our Kogarah Bay, Sydney, Australia site provided a challenge which was resolved using a shareware application titled “Arles Image Web Page Creator”,

The initial posting is at
The prevailing conditions were a solid “Southerly Buster”, an ideal condition to test “C” rig at the top of the range. These winds are sucked in by warm land temperatures, they move up the Eastern Australian coastline.
Kogarah Bay will be the site for the 2005 Australian Championships for all classes.

Interesting boat ya got there. Not something I think I’ve seen What is it?

The hull is my own design. The “C” rig my own. I use BG Sails for “A” & “B”.
The conditions we experience are often choppy so the design is fine forward with the Prismatic Coefficient somewhat aft. A balsa plug was formed using AutoCAD to determine the keel and sheerlines. The plug was hand shaped. It was possible to float the plug whilst shaping the hull.
At there are some photos of my earlier radical designs and the plug from which a two part mould was taken.
There are other notes on the site on boat building’s%20boat.htm is a pictured history of his boats evolvement.
I have an innate ability to slow down any boat, so I rely upon othes to determine it’s potential, if any?
There are considered modifications in mind. This was the first all epoxy boat so there was much to learn. It came in at 167 grams overweight. Vacuum bagging is the next learning process.
Designing is the primary interest. I use various applications; AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, MaxSurf Hullform and Prolines we have a shared discourse amongst the members which yields new designs. There are several fellows designing and building in our club. Brad Gibson’s Disco is an excellent yardstick.
My boat appears to be competitive and tuning of it continues, it was launched on New Years Eve.

[:-magnify]Well… WELCOME to this site! I’m glad I asked about your boat. Very interesting information.

Wish you guys would put your names somewhere![:-blindfold]